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Accommodation for gliders (Petaurus breviceps)

Petaurus breviceps

Our gliders need a large cage, the bigger the better, must have lots of things to jump and jump. For a sugar glider, height is more valuable than floor space.

A wire cage, wire should be narrow, and the cage must have good ventilation. A plastic tube can be placed under the cage to collect any debris which may fall outside the cage. Lots of toys should be provided, as well as a nest box exercise wheel, and sleeping bag. Branches, ropes and ladders will provide many opportunities for climbing and exercise our gliders.

Sugar gliders for your new home should be ready for him / her before you arrive. Place your new glider in the cage with water, dry and a treat.

For the sugar gliders like to eat at night when they are active should feed them your main meal at night.

His glider could emphasize the change and the newness of your home.

Give him / her time to adjust (3-7 days is the norm) before starting to handle.

Controlling feeding and breeding. Petaurus breviceps

Talk to them quietly so that you begin to know.

You can also place a small piece of fleece in your bag.

It's good to put some yogurt on your finger and let your glider approaches to lick. This way they learn that the hand is not a threat.

Very soon you will be eating fruit glider small of your hand, allowing you to cherish and collect.

Spend much time as possible with your glider, at least 2-4 hours. per day. They are lonely.

Make sure your gliders have things to play. Move their toys around occasionally. This makes your home more interesting.