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Terrarium Pogonas vitticeps

Pogona vitticeps

Do not forget that the Pogonas vitticeps are cold-blooded.

To maintain our Pogona vitticeps in good condition should have a moisture content less than or equal to 50% and temperatures of 20-22 ° C at night and 32-37 ° C during the day with a hot spot around 40 ° C, a gradient thermal ideal.

The Pogona vitticeps need a heat lamp and a UV neon day (should be changed every six months) and a heat source (cable, iron, stone heater, infrared ...), especially for young bearded dragons.

In fact, it is not uncommon that when you buy your pogona after the summer, and your house is about 18 ° C in the room where you terrarium, your pogona have problems, as this temperature is too low for a pogona small and may have problems with digestion, and weakness.

For an adult vitticep Pogona, however, 18 ° C may be fine.

The glass terrarium can be but must always be well ventilated.

The fund can be decorated with cork, slate etc.