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Characteristics Pogonas vitticeps

Pogona vitticeps

The Pogona vitticeps has a wide natural distribution in eastern and central Australia. They are found in the eastern half of South Australia. Native Australian biogeographic regions.

Pogona vitticeps occupies a variety of habitats from desert to dry forests and scrub. Semiarboreal is a lizard that can be found sunning on fallen branches, fence posts and picnic tables.

The Bearded dragons Pogonas vitticeps or measure 40 to 60 inches long, including the tail. They are properly called bearded dragons for his "beard", an expandable throat pouch with pointed scales.

The Pogonas vitticeps have a broad head, triangular, round bodies, thick legs and tail robust. Color for this species depends on the soil of the region in which they live, from dull brown to brown with red or gold.

The Pogonas vitticeps or Bearded dragons reach sexual maturity at 1 and 2 years old. Mating occurs in the spring and summer months of September to March. However, the captive Pogona vitticeps estacionals and seems not be reproduced during the entire year. Females dig a burrow and lay up to 24 eggs per clutch, and up to 9 clutches per year.

Pogona vitticeps females are also known to store sperm and are capable of establishing many clutches mating fertile eggs. In captivity, the eggs hatch in 55 to 75 days, to 28.9 degrees Celsius.