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Accommodation Pareodura pictus

Pareodura pictus

One Paleodura pictus or Madagascar ground gecko can be kept in a terrarium of 40 liters with substrates or paper towels.

To keep multiple Paleodura pictus or Madagascar ground geckos, you can use a 80 liter tank (this could hold two Paleodura pictus, but that's just a minimum, you should have a larger terrarium.

Be careful to put several geckos in the same tank.

Never put two males together in the tank as they are territorial and may kill each other.

Also if you have a male and multiple females should be prepared for the eggs, because these geckos are very prolific breeders, so the safest bet for terrariums with multiple Paleoduras pictus is that they are all females. But there may be a dominant female who can intimidate others and result in death, these animals must be separated, unless for breeding purposes.

Pareodura pictus
They must also be provided with at least three soils. One on the warm side, one in the middle and one at the cold end of the shell.

It can also give a moist to help decongestion, usually the ground at the hot end.

This may involve some kind of container with an opening for the gecko to come and go inside and should be something that will hold moisture and increase air humidity in the chamber, such as paper towels or peat moss (these should be misted regularly to maintain humidity).