Geckos Enigma

Feeding Pareodura pictus

The Paleodura pictus are true insectivores and small live prey easily accepted as crickets and mealworms.

Pictus Paleodura pups should be fed appropriately sized crickets dusted with a reptile vitamin supplement (provide them as many as the gecko will eat in a 20 minute period).

The Paleodura pictus once they become juveniles, food must be reduced 5-6 times a week with suitably sized crickets should be dusted with vitamins only once or twice a week.

The crickets dusted with vitamins not be dusted with pure calcium powder. Also mealworms can be placed on a plate in the tank at all times, these geckos do not eat more if they are not hungry. A good rule to find the right size of cricket, is that this should not be greater than the distance between the eyes of Paleodura pictus. They usually eat 2-3 crickets, but if you do not like crickets, you can buy silkworms.

Pareodura pictus Pareodura pictus