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Characteristics Pareodura pictus

Paleodura pictus

The Paleodura pictus or Madagascar ground geckos are a brown lizard with black spots. Some individuals may also have a white dorsal stripe. In captivity, several color phases available including amelanistic orange (yellow).

Usually, the Paleodura pictus or terrestrial geckos Madagascar, reach a size ranging from 10 to 15 cm with tail included.

The pictus Paleodura gecko not a climber, but has a certain ability to scale some surfaces. In captivity, the pictus Paleodura selas can devise to climb the sides of the glass terrariums if startled. Most of them have a tendency to bite and are very tame. At an early age, are a little nervous, and handling should be kept to a minimum. When they get older most become more docile and relaxed.

If Paleodura pictus is purchased from a pet store, you have probably been taken from the wild, unless it is labeled as NC (not captured).

These geckos come from Madagascar and are known among lovers of gecko to have very interesting personalities.

Paleodura pictus


The Paleodura pictus or Madagascar ground geckos reach sexual maturity very quickly, in less than a year.

At six months, the male will be easily distinguishable because of the large bundles which have at the base of the tail and the socket will be smooth in the tail base. The Paleodura pictus are also very easy to breed in captivity. The hard part is to control reproduction, these geckos are very prolific. After mating, the female its about 2-3 weeks lays her eggs (usually in moist soil).

The male should be separated from the female after mating to reduce your stress. The female lays two eggs per clutch every two weeks or so. Also preserved sperm, so be prepared for several clutches usually about five clutches per mating.

Paleodura pictus eggs are incubated at about 27 ° C and should be between 30-60 days to hatch, although there have been cases where it has taken up to 120 days. Once the eggs have hatched offspring are kept in a terrarium also enabled.