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Terrarium Hemitheconyx caudicintus

Hemitheconyx caudicintus terrarium

The Hemitheconyx caudicintus, is a land animal, we will not give much importance to the height of the terrarium, but if the width and depth, so for a couple of geckos terrarium accomadation background about 40cms long and about 80. The temperature will be about 31 degrees during the day falling to 28 overnight.

The type of terrarium that will for Hemitheconyx caudicintus forest environment, a coconut fiber substrate with soto-forest simulation and artificial plants can be placed, and also natural but are less desirable.

We will also several caches scattered around the terrarium, some in other hot spots and cold areas.

In our Hemitheconyx caudicintus terrarium we put rocks, slate, cork, logs, any material suitable for cutting a terrarium desert, we can put these materials so that make hiding places or shady areas.

The substrate in the terrarium is more important than it may seem, from newsprint (but little decorative toilet) to sand (not recommended as it may accidentally ingest, so we use a material not large enough to eat, or too small to do so accidentally, in the market there are plenty of suitable substrates for our terrarium.

As Hemitheconyx caudicintus are nocturnal lighting is not important, if we have our terrarium in a room with good natural lighting is sufficient, but a bulb mimicking sunlight will effect.

The glass terrarium can be but must always be well ventilated.

The fund can be decorated with cork, slate etc.