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Feeding Hemitheconyx caudicintus

Hemitheconyx caudicintus food

The Hemitheconyx Caudicintus or African gecko is an insectivore animal 100%, so you will be fed all his life exclusively on insects, except breeding seasons in which it is advisable to occasionally "pinkies" (baby mice) to breeding females.

For lunch we will give you all kinds of insects and worms, always those who buy in stores or those that we raise ourselves, for catching wild animals carries a risk of poisoning our pets because of pesticides.

So we can find in the store: crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, mealworms, Zophobas, etc ... that will delight our animals.

We feed supplement our African geckos with calcium and vitamin D3 two or three times per week dusting insects. The Hemitheconyx Caudicintus should always have a shallow container with fresh water.