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Characteristics Hemitheconyx caudicintus

Hemitheconyx caudicintus

Emitheconyx caudicintus (African gecko).

This reptile belongs to the class Reptilia, Squamata order, suborder Sauria, Gekkonidae family, Eublepharinae subfamily, genus and species Hemitheconyx caudicintus.

They are animals that live in the temperate forests of West Africa.

Gecko is a strong aspect and having eyelids helps you keep your eyes in good condition and always wet.

The ordinary or nominal phase (as we know), is normally found in the wild with a base of brown, with darker brown bands.

It is nocturnal hunting and crawling at night and resting during the day.

Hemitecnyx Another feature is that the dwelling area need not to scale with suction feet making it totally ground.

To distinguish the male from the female we look at the male has genital and preanal pores in a "v" and a pronounced bulge at the base of the tail where the hemipenes hosts.

The queue in turn serves to store fat reserves for when he gets hungry season, so it profit a breeder good barometer for the state in which the animal is.