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Terrarium Goniurosaurus luii

Goniurosaurus luii terrarium

The Goniurosaurus luii requires special conditions, as it must reproduce the climate of the country of origin China.

A terrarium 60x40x45 is a minimum for a Goniurosaurus luii parejade and 45x25x30 for one.

However, I must say that this species is endangered so raise it in captivity is the purpose of reproduction and not extinguished. So when we acquired a copy of Goniurosaurus luii we capture is not.

The Goniurosaurus luii need a dry land and a wet cave (hiding). In the dry zone can use peat moss and damp corner or foam. The foam should be soaked about twice a day in the afternoon and before bedtime.

A temperature for luii Goniurosaurus should be 25 degrees Celsius can put a special UV lamp or a heating pad at night on the side of terra and not below.

The Goniurosaurus luii requires a relative humidity of 80%.