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Geckos Leopardo

The way Eublepharis macularius soft-shelled eggs, which harden after a few days.

The set of "eubles" consist of two eggs that will remove as soon as possible because the low humidity terrarium this would dehydrate the eggs hastily.

During the incubation process surstrato endeavor that this always wet, pouring water when needed without getting wet eggs.

Eggs must always be with a hydrated appearance, no dents or irregularities of any kind, as the days pass will get bigger by the embryo.

The incubation temperature tell us the sex of the offspring thus to temperatures of 26 degrees or 27 females will be equal to 28 males and females and males are 29 or 30.

Calves at birth have a striking livery, which disappears with age and that nothing seems to be impossible to tell parents that have colors.

It will keep the pups together initially but after about 3-4 months apart to avoid us better greater evils.